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  • Dr. Allen Novian

Mind Body Spirit Connection

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

People often ask me what the Mind-Body-Spirit connection is. Here are my thoughts in the most basic terms possible:

The Mind:

The mind is inwardly aware. It understands and catalogues experiences and input from the body. It then responds by directing the body’s functions and movements in known ways to deal with its surroundings. If the mind is out of balance then the body shows stress.

The Body:

The body is outwardly focused. It feels and senses the world around us, but it can not interpret what it observes without guidance from the mind and spirit. The body bears the burden when the mind and spirit are out of balance.

The Spirit:

The spirit is both inwardly aware and outwardly focused. It is the part of the human being that can look beyond the obvious needs of survival and seek to fulfill self actualization and search for happiness.

If you are feel like one of the above is out of balance, come see me and let's take an inventory.

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