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Initial Consultation

First Session for Individuals and Couples

$300.00 for 2 hours

Connecting with your counselor is more than half the battle, so I believe in a thorough, 2 hour initial consultation. The first hour is about ensuring that we are a good fit, and the second hour is about beginning to heal.

Connection is everything

Research shows that having a good rapport with your counselor can make all the difference, so I want to make sure I'm the right person for you. That's a big part of our Initial Consultation session, but it doesn't end there. I believe in never leaving a session without having gained knowledge, insight, or tools, and so I always ensure that there is time for that.

I know that beginning counseling can be scary, anxiety inducing or just plain old uncomfortable. You have my respect for reaching out. If you are coming in for neurofeedback, please see the qEEG, because that will be your starting point, but if you are seeking couples or individual counseling, then you're right where you need to be. Come introduce yourself, and let's start moving you toward a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and Healthy Relationship, one step at a time.

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