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Couples Counseling

Healthy Relationships, In Person and Online

$200.00 per hour

Caring for our mental and emotional health is so important! We all have relationships with others, and those relationships are often challenged by situations within the relationship, such as infidelity, and surrounding the relationship, such as school and work stress.

Like we check in with our doctors each year, we can also seek couple and marriage therapy for a HEALTHY relationship, so that we can challenge the status quo and seek an optimal life.

Gain Balance in your relationship with Couples and Family Counseling

"I can't trust my husband anymore," she said.

"I feel that she doesn't love me anymore. Our love is dead," he says.

"We used to be so close, but now, all we ever do is fight," they chime together.


Trust issues come in all shapes and sizes. The two ways of trying to handle trust issues are Conflict and Exits. They can manifest in name calling, contempt, abuse, working too much, getting so involved with the children that there is no time for each other, separation, addiction, anxiety, emotional and sexual infidelity, and divorce. This is called the "power struggle." Trust issues become stressful, the stress either becomes distancing or fighting, then comes the question: "Can our relationship be saved and is it even worth trying?" Then someone dusts off the phonebook or fires up the computer and it's time to look for a counselor. That's where we come in. Our job is to determine where your issues lie, why you are experiencing the power struggle, and what kind of marriage your relationship has become.


  • The "Passionless Marriage" otherwise known as a "parallel marriage" where the couple lives independent lives while trying to put on a facade of the "perfect marriage." In reality they have become "room mates." There is distance and a lack of communication between the two of you that increases your feeling of disconnection with your significant other.


  • The "Passionate-conflict Marriage" or the "hot marriage" where fighting and conflict are the norms, and you fluctuate between "breakup" periods and "makeup" periods. You are either enemies or best friends but cannot find the middle ground where you are partners. These marriages create the deepest wounds as labels and harsh words fly between two people who should have the deepest respect and trust in each other.

The beauty of relationship is that as long as the decision to end it permanently is not set in stone, it can be restored. There is hope in sight. Getting back to the love and connection that you had at the beginning of your relationship is possible. Give me a call and find out how.


Everyone is familiar with marriage therapy, but relationships can take many forms, not just marriage. Couples therapy can be two people who are romantically involved, but not married yet, a couple who are divorced but trying to communicate in a healthy way for the kids, or even two close friends who find that they can no longer communicate without fighting. Whatever your elephant in the room, I can help you strengthen your relationship and help you learn to relate to one another in a healthy way.

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