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Topics on Mind, Body, and Spirit

$250.00 per hour

I feel called to share my knowledge and experience, so I offer workshops and talks on mind-body topics for
CEU workshops for LPCs and LMFTs

What is "Human Centered Neurocounseling"


Human-centered Neurocounseling simply refers to the wide range of mind-body-spirit concepts that inform my approach to human lived experience. We are not one or the other, so why approach life as if only our mind matters, or only the body, or only the spirit? We are all three, and the health and functionality of one part informs the other two. I have a deep knowledge of the way we function as a whole person, and I look forward to sharing that with you!


Who do I speak to?

Depending on the topic, I can speak to groups of all sizes, but I particularly love workshops for smaller groups (less than 35) so that I can engage interactively. I have given talks for:

  • Licensed Professional Counselors (CEUs available)

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (CEUs available)

  • University students

  • Parents and Teachers

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Churches

  • Schools

  • Corporations

Topics I can speak about

Developing Well in A Digital Age

How Technology impacts neurological growth and development... and what to do about it

Parent teaching her children to use the computer in a healthy way
"How much screen time is too much?", "How do we set healthy limits?", and "Why is it so hard to put the screen down?"

Time: 1-3 hours

Audience: Parents of children aged 0-18

Format: Lecture, Interactive Discussion, Q&A


This topic covers how technology influences the brain throughout childhood and young adulthood. It answers questions like "Should I give my baby access to my phone at the grocery store?", "Why can't my 15 year old put his game system away when it's time for dinner?", and " How do I teach my kids to use technology responsibly without making them feel like I'm punishing them?". We will have lots of interactive discussion about how kids respond to screens, what situations might arise when limits are first put in place, and when technology use has become and addiction.

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