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3 Daily Practices To Be Happy

As I begin another day, I am focusing on practices that can bring happiness into my life and that I can encourage others to put into practice as a mental health professional. Praying for everyone to have a Magnificent Monday and week 😃

3 Daily Practices To be Happy…

1. Own your own happiness. Be responsible for doing the things that bring joy into your life daily. Nothing will bring you happiness unless you decide it does (not your kids, a job, money, a home etc).

Only you can bring yourself happiness so accept that reality and become responsible for doing the things daily to create your happiness. Take responsibility for embracing the peace and joy that lives inside of your heart not in your stuff.

2. Challenge the story you believe about yourself and you tell others because many people are unhappy because they torment themselves by how they see their life and describe their life to themselves and others. So change the way you talk to yourself and tell others about yourself and your life. You can write a happy, victorious story of your life no matter what has happened to you in the past or what is currently happening.

3. Enjoy the journey of life not the destination. Don’t delay your happiness until something happens or you achieve a goal. Be happy during every moment of life’s journey. Don’t say “I’ll be happy when…I get a degree, I get a job, I get married, I have kids, I retire etc. Be happy now, today. Celebrate all along life’s journey not just at the end of a goal or journey.

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