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Creating a Regulated Brain

$185.00 per hour*

*package pricing:
10 sessions: 1 session off ($1,665.00)
20 sessions: 3 sessions off ($3,145.00)

Neurofeedback is the process of improving the brain's ability to regulate itself by teaching it to enforce functional patterns and reduce dysfunctional patterns

Neurofeedback: It's all about the brainwaves.



Before starting neurofeedback

Before your start Neurofeedback, you will probably have a qEEG and a qEEG review session.  This tells me where we need to start!  Then, when you come in for your first neurofeedback session, I will take the time to show you the equipment, explain exactly what will occur in session, and answer any questions before actually hooking up the sensors.

How is your brain functioning?

About the systems

About brainwave patterns

What to expect in session

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