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My Services

All services are private pay. I do not take insurance because I believe your needs are unique, and therapy should be a decision between you and me, not your insurance company.  Neurofeedback services are not often covered by insurance.

Initial Consultation

Connecting with your counselor is more than half the battle, so I believe in a thorough, 2 hour initial consultation. The first hour is about ensuring that we are a good fit, and the second hour is about beginning to heal.

$300.00 for 2 hours


qEEG stands for "quantitative electroencephalogram" and it can also be called a "brainmap." It is an assessment tool that shows us the speed and amount of brain activity across the whole head and compare it with the patterns we expect it to make based on your age and gender... Then we can change it!



Neurofeedback is the process of improving the brain's ability to regulate itself by teaching it to enforce functional patterns and reduce dysfunctional patterns

$185.00 per hour*

*package pricing:
10 sessions: 1 session off ($1,665.00)
20 sessions: 3 sessions off ($3,145.00)

Individual Counseling

Caring for our mental and emotional health is so important! We each have a relationship with ourself, and a big part of living a full life is developing and growing a positive inner life.

Difficulties with anxiety, depression, stress management, grief and loss, work related stresses, social, and school struggles are just an example of things that can interrupt that development. If you're encountering struggles in your life, let me help you develop balance through individual therapy!

$185.00 per hour

Couples Counseling

Caring for our mental and emotional health is so important! We all have relationships with others, and those relationships are often challenged by situations within the relationship, such as infidelity, and surrounding the relationship, such as school and work stress.

Like we check in with our doctors each year, we can also seek couple and marriage therapy for a HEALTHY relationship, so that we can challenge the status quo and seek an optimal life.

$200.00 per hour


I feel called to share my knowledge and experience, so I offer workshops and talks on mind-body topics for
CEU workshops for LPCs and LMFTs

$250.00 per hour

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