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What Fires Together Wires Together

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

By Dr. Novian

People often ask me how Neurofeedback works. It’s a simple concept that, what “fires” together “wires” together in our brain. In other words what experiences and reactions we have to daily life create connections in the brain. The neurons that fire at the same time connect (or wire) with each other. This is a powerful idea and one that can change your life when you begin to implement it daily. How does it happen? Well, the brain does not judge whether something is good or bad for you, it simply makes more connections the more often you think, feel, or do something. Neurologically, the brain figures that if you are repeating something, there must be a reason and so it makes more connections to continue making that something. The more you think negatively, the more likely you are to continue thinking negatively, the more you experience anxiety, the more likely to be anxious you are, the more you drink alcohol or smoke the more likely you are to continue those habits. This concept is true because each time you do these things, the brain is making more and more connections to keep you doing them. But the reverse is also true, the more you think positive the more positive you will continue to think and the less you do a behavior the less likely you are to repeat it. So, how does this concept of what fires together wires together apply to Neurofeedback?

Well, Neurofeedback helps you to “fire” new brainwaves that produce stability and balance in your life. Over time (usually 20-40 sessions), these brainwaves wire together and the symptoms that were causing issues in your life are often reduced or eliminated. As you go through your day, become aware of what you are firing to your brain through your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, if you do not want those things to wire together, then be proactive and do something positive and different immediately before it wires together.

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