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St. Mary's University Neurofeedback Program

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Dr. Novian, Neurofeedback Professor (adjunct) at St. Mary's

Did you know that Dr. Novian isn't just a clinician? He's also an Adjunct Professor for St. Mary's University Graduate School! As one of the top clinical neurofeedback experts in San Antonio, Dr. Novian was brought on to the St. Mary's University staff as an adjunct professor so that he could train the next generation of clinicians.

St. Mary's has an accredited graduate program in Counselor Education and Supervision (CES), which includes both a Master's degree and a Doctoral degree. There are very few graduate programs like this one which offer a concentration in Neurofeedback, but St. Mary's University is one of them. Under Dr. Novian's direction, the students learn about not only the logistics and practicalities of running a neurofeedback session, but the theory and science behind the technique. Through classroom instruction, collaborative learning, and practicum classes, these students are obtaining the expertise to work with clients dealing with a wide range of mental and emotional instabilities. We are so proud of his work there, and we look forward to watching the students learn and grow, taking Neurofeedback into areas where it has not been available, and making changes in the lives of others. Go Rattlers!

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