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New AND IMPROVED Client Portal Launched!

I am so pleased to announce the launch of my client portal through TherapyAppointment! This portal is going to make communication and scheduling so simple and straight-forward. If you have not already activated your client portal PLEASE do so as soon as possible. Call (210)831-1282 if you need assistance. On September 1, 2021, this will be the ONLY method of communication for my clients. I will NO LONGER RESPOND TO TEXT MESSAGES OR EMAILS for client communication. Communicating through the portal allows me to include communications in your therapy chart, and this is more secure.

TherapyAppointment will allow you to:

  • View, Schedule, and Reschedule your appointments

  • Send messages securely

  • View your account balance and payments (payment is not being handled through the portal at this time. A negative balance indicates )

  • Manage your card on file (mandatory for all clients as of September 1)

  • Complete forms, including but not limited to:

    • New Client Forms (Information Sheet)

    • Consent for electronic communication

    • Card on File Authorization

    • Records Requests

    • Billing/Statement Requests

    • HIPAA Release of Information forms

  • View and sign documents assigned by your provider

Communication is so important. PLEASE take the time to activate your portal and become familiar with it. Once your portal is activated, save to your favorites or for easy access in the future.

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