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The Psych+Bio Project

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Dr. Novian and I are so proud to announce a project that is very dear to our hearts: Psych+Bio. One of the things that makes Dr. Novian's approach to counseling and therapy unique is that he looks at each client as a whole person-- body, mind and spirit. We, as individuals and as a collective culture, are so much more than our thoughts or emotions alone. We are a compilation of what we experience through our senses, what we perceive through our emotions and feelings, what we describe with our thoughts, and how we act through our behaviors. That compliation is what creates our identity. We (my husband and I) have always tried to bring that perspective to each person we encounter, both in our office and outside of it. What we have found over the years is that it helps us understand people, both ourselves and others, in a deeper and more compassionate way. To truly understand ourselves, we have to look not only at our psychology, but at its relationship to our biology as well.

The field of psychology is moving more and more in this direction. We are so excited to be launching our Psych+Bio project. It is our chance to lead others toward a deeper understanding, both of themselves as individuals and of others who surround and impact them throughout their lives.

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