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My 3-Pronged Approach

to Caring for Your Mental Health

Healthy Mind


I care about your mental and emotional health, and I know that if your brain isn't functioning at it's best, your stress levels are out of control, you have personal struggles and mental health issues, or just have conflict in your relationships, then your life may feel out of control.


I use counseling to change the mind and heart by working on self awareness, compassion, communication, and empathy!  I use neurofeedback to change the brain by teaching it to operate more functionally.  These have been the backbone of my practice since 2008, and in my other pursuits since 2001.


Healthy Relationships

Couples Counseling,
Marriage Therapy

I care about your relationships with others, both personal and professional.  Marriages, intimate personal relationships, and family dynamics can be improved through communication, stress management, and taking a good long look at where you are in that relationship now, and where you want to be!

Many marriages come to me because they are healing from affairs, whether sexual or emotional.  Others come because they want to improve and move forward in their relationship, even though they are already starting from a place of relational health.

We are all parts of systems.  This is the core of Marriage and Family Therapy.  Each part of the system needs to be healthy, but they need to work together in a healthy way, too!

Psychology Patient

Healthy Body

Lifestyle Coaching

I care about your long term wholistic health, and I know that what you fuel your body with has a big impact on how you feel and function throughout the day.  Poor nutrition, ongoing inflammatory responses, obesity, and chronic stress can magnify mental and relational health issues.  

Not every issue is a counseling issue.  Sometimes, you just need help defining structures and rituals (Habits) that support a life that is optimized for health and wellbeing.  This is where lifestyle coaching comes in!

I have always taught biofeedback practices and utilized clinical in-office systems, as well as programs that are designed for clients to use at home, but I am excited to be offering several options directly to our clients, including Heart Rate Variability and Muscle Tension Biofeedback!

Push Up

Good Health is more than Skin Deep

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