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Home Training 

Neurofeedback can be done at home by either Remote or Home Training.  Both involve protocols designed, deployed, and monitored by your provider, but Remote Training involves real-time monitoring and is billed differently than Home Training, which involves your provider reviewing your data between sessions and modifying as needed.  Home Training requires 2x monthly sessions virtual or in office sessions with your provider.

If you are interested in receiving Neurofeedback services in your home, please call us at (210)415-2542 to discuss your options.  Remote and Home Training are not right for every client.  Sometimes, clients need to do the first part of their therapy in-office before beginning Remote or Home Training.

All Neurofeedback services begin with an in-office qEEG.

Photobiomodulation with


Neuro: Brain

photo: light

modulation: change

Neurophotobiomodulation is a fancy word that means exposing the brain to specific frequencies of light which change the mitochondria (energy generators) in the neurons.  The increased brain activity that results is associated with better cognitive acuity.

Red and near-infrared light penetrates tissue, and "wakes up" the mitochondria.  Mitochondria are the part of a cell that produces energy in the form of ATP.  By increasing ATP production, the cells are better able to do their work!  This is a powerful therapy for issues, including:

  • cognitive decline in Alzheimer's and Related Dementias

  • stoke and concussion recovery

  • cognitive optimal functioning and processing