People always have questions when they start to work with a new professional, and I'm sure you are no different.  While I am always happy to answer any question that comes into our office, I've posted some of the most common ones here.  If you have any others, please give us a call!  Kate is always available to answer your questions and make sure you are comfortable before you come in.


Why don't you accept insurance?

We strive to provide the most effective and comprehensive client care possible.  We have found that the session limits, confidentiality issues, and pathology "labels" associated with taking insurance, can pose more of a hindrance to good client care than it does a benefit.


While session frequency and the number of sessions should be a collaborative decision between the client and the therapist, insurance companies frequently impose a session limit or require a specific treatment. This can undercut the effectiveness of the overall therapy process as well as remove the freedom of choice and control a client has over his or her mental health care.


In addition, insurance companies require a diagnosis code and, many times, a treatment plan for each client. This can result in what feels like an invasion of privacy as well as a feeling of being "labeled" or pathologized. Because my goal is to work in a holistic and non-stigmatizing manner, the requirements of insurance can pose a conflict of interest.


Finally, I view mental health treatment as not only an intervention but also a form of prevention. Even though paying out of pocket may feel overwhelming, when viewed as an investment in one's future, it can become a priority. Research indicates that those who invest time and money in mental health tend to have reduced healthcare costs as well as increased productivity and earning potential in other areas of their lives.​


Are you a Christian Counselor, Dr. Novian?

First of all, I welcome people of all faiths into my office, and I am happy to help anyone, regardless of religion, whether that be a denomination of Christianity or another faith all together.


However, while I do not label myself as a Christian Counselor, I am a Christian. I pray for each and every one of my clients and I am happy to discuss spirituality with you in session. I do not, however, preach at you. That is not my purpose. If you are not comfortable discussing spiritual issues in my office, that is fine, and I will not pressure you in any way. If you are open to including spirituality in our sessions, I am happy doing so.


Many people say that Neurofeedback doesn't work and that the effects are temporary.  Is this true?

NO! Neurofeedback does work. There is quite a bit of research on the effectiveness of neurofeedback on a wide variety of neurologically based issues. Often, people will experience and recognize changes within the first ten to twelve sessions and will choose to discontinue their treatment. The problem with this is that the brain has learned a lot of what it is being trained to do, but it has not solidified the lessons. This is why I will not do neurofeedback without a minimum of 20 sessions. That is the minimum needed to solidify the brain's learning.


How much are your fees?

My fees, and those of the other therapists who work out of our office can be found on the Pricing and Insurance page which can be found here.


Do you do Skype or phone sessions?

I do offer telehealth services, which include video conferencing and over-the-phone sessions for individuals and couples.  However, the first session must be in person in order to meet ethical guidelines for telemental health.

I do NOT use Skype, FaceTime, or text messaging for these sessions or for any client to therapist contact as they are not HIPAA compliant and are not secure.  Instead, I use Doxy.me, a video and chat platform that is secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant.  It was designed for healthcare and meets the standards of security required by my licensure and the law.  To access a session via Doxy.me, you can check in to my online "waiting room" at https://doxy.me/drnovian at least five minutes before the beginning of your session time.  You can access it via Google Chrome or Firefox on a computer or by downloading the Doxy.me app from your phone or tablet's App Store and entering the URL above.

Please follow these guidelines:

1. Make sure you are alone in a quiet location where no-one else can overhear or view our session.

2. Check to make sure your device or laptop has sufficient battery-life or is plugged into the power outlet prior to our session.

3. Ensure that your computer or device has adequate internet connection prior to our session

4. Payment for a telehealth session is due at the beginning of session.  I will provide you with a link to the invoice prior to beginning the session, and must see that the payment has been processed before we can continue.