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14 Questions for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day only hours away, I wanted to share an activity that my wife and I do on a regular basis. We have found that there are certain questions that help us connect and open up the possibility for deeper conversation about where our relationship stands today, how we have succeeded in the past, and where we could still benefit from some work. This video contains 14 questions to discuss with your loved one. The first video is very short, and walks you through all 14 questions, so feel free to pause and discuss along the way! The second video contains the conversation as a guided activity, much like one I would do in my office. My prayer is that you have a connected and attuned Valentine's Day, but if your day doesn't fit that description, let me know! I may be able to help you have a better day with your spouse or loved one soon!

Summary Video

Guided Activity

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