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Family Structures

By Brianne Lutterman, MA, NCC, LPC-Intern

It has become increasingly recognized on the media, social networkds, and by the previous generations, that kids are “running the show,” so to speak. We all know of a family or two (or maybe it’s your own) in which the child/children can manipulate or somehow convince one or both parents into doing or giving them what they want, even if its against the parent’s own wishes! The parent, parents, or guardian may not want their child to have or play Grand Theft Auto and may initially say no, but eventually end up giving it to their child anyways. Why is this?

Robert Taibbi wrote an article that was published in Psychology Today (link posted below) that lays out the different variations of the family structure, or heirarchy, by mapping this out in diagrams. These family maps show the relationships between parents and their children, parent and parent, and between siblings. An “ideal” family structure is laid out as well. An unhealthy family structure is at the core of many familial concerns, whether it be between parents, siblings, or parents and child.

Read through this short article to find the family structure that depicts your family. This article helps to identify imbalances in the family structure. The next step is making a change to correct those imbalances. Many families find that they need to seek out assistance with this, as the changes will effect the whole family.

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