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Zukor's Grind

By Dr. Allen Novian

Zukor's Grind- a new feedback game for clinicians to use with their clients!

In addition to running our clinical practice and preparing to write up some case studies, Dr. Novian and his wife, Kate, have been working with a specialized game development company called Zukor Interactive. Zukor Interactive has been working with us for the past 2 years in order to develop new feedback options for the neurofeedback field. The first of these options came out last month, and we are so excited to share this with everyone! A lot of time and effort, from a lot of people, have gone into this project, and we are proud to have been a small part of that! The end result is a huge benefit to our practice and as it came out on October 1 of this year, we hope it will be a blessing to many other clinicians in the field as well, and to their cients. The best partners are the ones that have a larger vision for the field, and we feel that Zukor Interactive has that for the field of neurofeedback and biofeedback.

Neurofeedback is an amazing therapy tool, and we believe in its effectiveness, but while the technology present in the equipment and therapist software reflects the complexity and cutting edge nature of the field, until now the client screens and feedback game options have been more reflective of the past. Zukor’s Grind, which is the first project that we have worked on with them, gives the client a more graphically rich feedback environment, and the options available to the clinician make the game more flexible, so we can use it over many sessions, providing variety for the client, as well as intrinsic rewards for their continuing effort in session. As an added bonus, clincians who use more than one system have the flexibility of using this game with any of the four systems that it works on (EEGer,Thought Technology’s BioGraph Infinity, Mind Media’s NeXus IV and NeXusX with BioTrace+, and all BrainMaster amps and software) so they have the flexibility to use whichever system they desire while the client will have the same feedback experience! That is a first for this field!

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