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Couples and the IMAGO

Couples therapy is unique among therapy types because it involves 2 people who are coming in together to work on their mutual struggles. They have often come to the realization that change has happened in their lives together, often in a negative way. Couples sometimes realize that they have been living separate lives, or that their time together is no longer positive and affirming, and that fighting or conflict (verbal or passive aggressive) has taken over. This weekend I went to a seminar dealing with the “Imago model” of therapy, which addresses the reasons we are attracted to certain people, what we search out in our partners, and why our relationships deteriorate and “love” seems to fade. I found the model that was presented in “Getting the Love You Want” to be sound theory and full of useful techniques for communication and problem solving. I look forward to implementing many of the techniques that we worked on in my office.

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