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4-Channel Z Score Training with BrainAvatar

Neurofeedback is an interesting field, because it is not just one technique done a standard way across all clinicians and therapists. The field has changed over time, adding new understanding of how the brain works, and how it "should" work. In keeping with new scientific knowledge, new techniques and protocols have been added. In our office, we have the ability to train in many of these techniques, and we use some of the most up to date software and hardware in the industry.

Neurofeedback training in our office, ranges from a single active sensor, for single, site specific training, to a full 19-sensor cap. Often, we wish to train multiple sites in the brain, as well as brain activity occuring deep beneath the cortical surface. At the same time, training 19 channels may not be necessary. When that is the case, Dr. Novian will often choose to utilize a hardware called an Atlantis I 4x4 and a software called BrainAvatar. This software and hardware combination allows us to address a specific area of the brain, targeted by four active sensors on the scalp. The activity of that area of the brain is then compared to a database called Brain Dx, which defines what normal functioning looks like. We can then teach the brain to perform in a way that is more functional than what it is doing normally. We aquired this system recently, and have enjoyed using it as a tool for helping our clients in their journey toward mental health and optimum functioning.

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