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New Equipment: NeuroGuide with Brain Surfer

By Dr. Allen Novian on October 9, 2013

Upon attending the 2013 ISNR (International Society of Neuronal Regulation) Conference in Dallas, TX, we began looking for new methods for working with complex cases. We have been watching the development of a neurofeedback protocol type called LORETA neurofeedback, which combines the technology of a full quantitative EEG (19 sensors are used to collect a full picture of the electrical activity of the brain) with moment-by-moment feedback on as much or as little of the brain’s activity as we need.

Basically, imagine coming in for a session of neurofeedback with the goal of changing your symptoms (attention, focus, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, etc.), and beginning the session by taking stock of your current brainstate. Then, comparing that brainstate to a database of norms, finding out what areas are out of balance, and proceeding to encourage your brain to behave more like those norms so that your symptoms dissipate.

That is what our new equipment allows us to do.

We purchased a program called Neuroguide, which is the product of many years of research and clinical use. We have some clients right now who will benefit from its use, and we see the application of this software in the training of many others. To get a better idea of what we can now do, check out this video:

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