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New Mobile Check In!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Let us know you've arrived with our new Mobile Check In app! We want to minimize common area gathering as much as possible, so we've adopted new check in procedures as follows:

1) Download the Mobile Check In app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play. You can do this by scanning one of the QR Codes on the door, by searching your app store for "Mobile Check In" or by clicking the appropriate link below:

2) Create a Profile for the primary client being seen today. This only needs to be done once. Additional profiles can be made for other members of your family later. Your profiles will be available next time you use the app.

3) Choose "integrative Counseling & Neurofeedback Solutions" from the Available Locations list, choose the appropriate profile, and follow the prompts to check in. Make sure to describe your car so that we can find you easily!

4) Your provider will come get you from your vehicle shortly!

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