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Websites for Counselors and Neurofeedback Professionals

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Websites for Neurofeedback Practitioners and Mental Health Professionals

Mental health is a varied and complex field. Society is becoming more and more open to seeking help for our mental, emotional, and behavioral health, but you have to educated our clients/patients as to what you do, and what your approach is.  Neurofeedback is even more specific, involving a wide variety of technology and theory.  Use your website to educated and enlighten, and make sure your design and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are designed and tailored to fit your goals.


Whether you are engaged in clinical practice, research, development, or marketing of neurofeedback technologies, I can design a modern, search engine optimized, engaging website that reflects your skills. From graphics to content, interface to social media integration, I can create a website that works for your services.

Individual Practitioners

About Me page that includes your education and experience in the field, and begins to build rapport with your new clients/patients.

2 way communication during each stage of design, content development, launch, and social media integration so that you get exactly what you need.

Content pages explaining your approach to counseling and/or neurofeedback or biofeedback, and an organized, easily updated blog.

(Content can be existing or created by Kate per your needs)

Integrated contact forms with a BAA (business associate agreement) from Kate, along with assistence in setting up HIPAA compliant e-mail inboxes through Google if needed.

Only ROYALTY FREE images and video footage will be used on your site, and all associated license agreement paperwork will be kept on hand to protect you.

Organizations, Events, Groups, and Clinics

Your company or organization is unique, and your online needs are as well.  Your needs may change over time, too.  Our initial consult will included a discussion about where you want to go.

Because building larger websites takes time, we will set up regular check-ins where the progress will be discussed and any changes can be made.  This way, everyone is always in the loop.

You have a lot to say and a lot to share.  From interactive content to searchable stores and knowledge centers, we will make sure everything is organized and streamlined.

Only ROYALTY FREE images and video footage will be used on your site, and all associated license agreement paperwork will be kept on hand to protect you.

Kate will train your staff to interface with the website at the time of its launch so that changes can be made in house if you so desire.  If you wish to keep Kate around as a webmaster, that is possible as well.

Learning about your company is the first step toward building your website.  Kate will work with you to make sure your website project meets your needs

Get weekly updates as to the progress of your website while it is being produced and quick turn arounds on updates after the launch (if you choose to use Kate as your webmaster after launch).

Kate will remain focused on the budget and give you honest and relevent feedback on the scope of your site and the costs associated with it, both during its development and maintanence.

Kate is an educator at heart, and she will be happy to discuss how she is providing SEO during development, and how you can add to your site as you grow.  Kate will always respond to your questions within 24 hours or 1 workday.

Industry Companies