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Learning is a journey, but what happens when it becomes an uphill battle? Often, the structure of schools and businesses are not conducive to out-of-the-box solutions without some help from an outside location. That is where we come in.


Kate Novian has taught everything from kindergarten to grade 12, and the population she worked with the most was the students no one knew how to help. Her favorite students to work with are the older students who have fallen through the cracks of the school systems, and the adults who coped with school, but hit the "real world" and are suddenly overwhelmed.


Educational Consulting consists of:

- ARD and 504 advocation

- Coping Strategies planning

- Tutoring

- Reading and Writing interventions

- Math interventions


Students struggle for a variety of reasons. Some of these are simple things to correct with structure, organization, and guidance. Others are caused by learning disabilities which can sometimes be hard for a parent to see. But even learning disabilities are not impossible to overcome. If your child struggles in school, Kate will work with you, your child, and your child's teachers to improve their performance in the classroom, raise their self-esteem, and help bring calm and peace to your family.

What is the difference between a "learning differences" and a "learning disability"?

Learning disabilities and learning differences are similar terms, but there is a difference. We use the term "Learning disability" to describe a diagnosed disorder which is causing a struggle in school. The term "learning difference," as we are using it, refers to a struggle which either does not fit into a pre-determined category, or one which has simply not been diagnosed. Our belief is that the label is not necessary, if the struggle is understood. The label is only of use when seeking formal services through a school.

What are some common learning disabilities?

We are happy to work with students who have any of the following learning disabilities:


  • ADD/ADHD (all 5 types)

  • Auditory processing disorder

  • Visual processing disorder

  • Dyslexia/Disgraphia

  • Dyscalcula

  • OCD

  • Test Anxiety

  • Scotopia


We have also worked with students who struggle with school because of:


Knowledge gaps (for example, struggling in calculus because they don't know their multiplication tables)

Confidence issues (kids who are just convinced they can't do it)

Reading problems not related to dyslexia

Note taking skills

Learning styles conflicts

Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, or hands-on, Combined type learners



These are not learning disabilities. These are learning differences.

Ultimately, we are here to help anyone that comes to us to the best of our ability.

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